Dsc 0370

CD recorded in 1995 . distibuted by LOCO & LEV

Ref: ATAH5442/LO 205

Raùl Maldonado Guitar, arrangements

Christine D'Heilly Guitar

Gérard Verba Guitar

Jose Mendoza Percussions, Charango, Cuatro

Listen to Quatuor Atahualpa 's Guitars, it means to accept without  any compromise the invitation to dream and poetry where South American Soul reappears: one very rare musical moment, full of subtlety, sensivity and virtuosity.




Exceptionnal meeting between artists and a continent which don't finish to amaze us by its prodigious musical richness.  ATAHUALPA QUARTET is imposed not only by the quality of its performers, but he surprised by the originality and the rarety of the parts he proposes : true gems of South American Music.

Some  compositions, now classic, as Paraguayan Dance by Barrios, are revisited with much freshness and density. But most of them are coming from folklore and brilliantly arranged by Raul Maldonado. Sometimes overflowing joy and mischief , sometimes imbued with a sweet nostalgia, that music opens the doors of a wonderful musical journey from the foggy Altiplano to the warm land of tropical flowers.

It is initially confused by these playful polyphony derived sometimes but so slightly toward melancholy. Nevertheless, they are sown enough with liveliness and sparkle to remind us that at the beginning of the music and of the world, there is dancing.

Fabulous Firulete! Leaping, gushing Candombe !

These rhythms and the melodies appear in turn as the fragments of a collective memory and the tails of a personal destiny. This music also known as folklore, is that through which men , Farmer of the Cordillera , gaucho Pampas - have drawn the movements of the earth

Stories without words but emotionally charged .

Stéphane Pujol