My inspiration, it comes by far, from this village nested in the Argentine Pampa where I was born, where travelling musicians ( los Payadores), sometimes came and brought to us a little bit of fun on the evening , in a pub or around a firecamp.

It comes too, sure, from this marvellous nature, shy and wild , which was surrounding me and bring to us, Argentine people from Pampa, this lonely and individualistic state of mind .

A bresilian poet  very well summarized to me our state of mind with this sentence :

"Work, pain, rebellious hope and almost desperate exhilaration ."  

That 's the Guitar I choosed.... or that's the Guitar which choosed me, who can know express all the poetry of these remembrances which are alive inside me. The Guitar has imagination  :mystery of harmonic combinations,almost infinite and mystery of its timbers.     

The Guitar is a mystery which has to be discovered every day. It is tender, it is perverse, it is lover and sister, it is a woman. As a woman, you cannot force it, you have to convince it . It has to get the feeling that you love it , when we take it in our arms, against our heart and that its vibrations come through our body to make one person with it. It gets inside wealth that we'll never finish to learn.

Of course, as to me,the guitar is a companion and I feel and live it like a human being. I have got one for a long time, and I decided it will die with me. It is rough and creole, w'll never break-up.

When I was 12 years old, I got the opportunity to meet with Abel Fleury, one of the most great guitaristic compositor from Argentine. He said to me I never forgot: " When I play live, I feel ,at the bottom of the hall, sit down in the darkness, an "anonymous gaucho" who is listening to me, careful and silent. It is for him I play, it is for him you have to send your message.