Dsc 0367

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"In 1978, a large audience discovered, at a concert in the Conciergerie in Paris, works for set of guitars by Argentine composer Raul Maldonado. Twenty years after this memorable concert, a fantastic CD refreshes salutary our memory.Of course, Maldonado music is strongly bound to the popular roots of Latin America, but there is not only folklore. Great melodic dedicacy , very refined harmonies and a very efficient use of the possibilities of the instrument will be found too. The taste of the composer for simplicity and brevity will be appreciate as well. Very, very nice pieces of music make up the program : include the "Suite de Lejos", the delightful "Trebolares", the "Choro", "El Diablo Suelto" , the efficient "Galopa", and this moving lullaby which is "El Cuento del Gapucera". The Lutetia Quartet , led by the dashing Christian Chabot , restores brilliantly bewitching evocations of Raúl Maldonado.»

Christophe BARRATIER (Diapason).